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Everyone talks about how work is changing. Let’s talk about what to do about it. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine the workplace. Our approach addresses the human need of employees to improve their wellbeing, fosters a sense of community and connection, and helps organisations navigate, prepare and design for change.

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It's not just about bringing people together. It's about what happens next.

Beyond one size fits all

A global survey of desk-based employees shows they expect flexibility in where (81%) and when (93%) they work. When they get it, they feel more focused and productive. Yet the vast majority (85%) want the option to come to a physical workplace.  

Source: Future Forum Pulse, February 2023  

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More than a destination

Employees recognise the benefits of being together. To maximise those benefits – for employees and their organisation – their workplace needs to provide spaces optimised for what they want to do there. This ranges from spaces to collaborate, meet, socialise and receive mentorship, to quiet spots for heads-down focus.

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Uncover the purpose of your place

Three opportunities for impact emerged from our ongoing research and discussions with clients about their most pressing needs: wellbeing, connection and change. Let's work together to understand these opportunities within your organisation and uncover the purpose of your place.

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A business can only thrive when its employees are thriving. Learn how Design with Impact can support employee wellbeing by improving physical, psychological and social experiences.

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Discover how Design with Impact can prepare workplaces to host the types of rich, interpersonal connections between colleagues, both in-person and remote, that add up to a shared sense of purpose.

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While organisations must change to succeed, the uncertainty that comes with constant change can feel unsettling. Find out how flexible work environments can help people get comfortable with change.

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Ideas in action

Dive into insights from our own research, our work with clients and perspective-shifting conversations that we host with experts from a range of fields. 

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Better World

We work to ensure that design has a positive impact not only on the people who use it, but also on the planet and the community at large. 

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