Promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Working together to create lasting, positive change.

This work starts within, but it extends across our industry and the world—creating spaces that include more perspectives and voices.

Our actions

We will build on our progress so our policies, practices, and programs will become more intentional.

Increase representation and retention

Diversify associate population by recruiting and hiring a more racially and ethnically diverse workforce across all areas of our business.

Ensure pay equity

Commit to equal pay for equal work regardless of race, ethnic background, or gender.

Commit to a living wage

Pay a living wage to all our associates and regularly review our compensation and benefits programs. 

Support equitable career development

Design training and career development programs to foster a more inclusive culture and help all associates recognize bias.

Lower barriers to voting

Our facilities in the US are closed each year on Election Day so associates have the time and space to exercise their right to vote. 

Additional priorities

Working with our partners and competitors alike, we will create a more inclusive pipeline of opportunity.

Provide more inclusive opportunities

Evolve our internship and development programs to ensure they are both inclusive and accessible to underrepresented students.

Hold partners accountable

Increase diversity across all our partner networks: designers, suppliers, vendors, and consultants with an improved onboarding process. 


Our progress

Our DEIB journey so far

We know there's still ample work to be done, so we're building on the actions we've already taken to become more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and strengthen a sense of belonging for all.

See Our Progress

Three associates, each working on building individual chairs in a manufacturing plant.