Staff lounges

Female hospital administrator and male nurse in a casual staff lounge setting.

Design for hospitality in staff lounges

Design staff lounges and break rooms to be safe spaces that support retreat and rejuvenation. Staff should feel empowered to own these spaces and remove themselves from the stresses of work and life. Provide staff the opportunity to get nourishment for energy to get through the day.

The hospitable organization must extend hospitality not only to its guests, but also to its host …*

Dr. Carol A. King

5.6 min.

Average break time for nurses

In a recent study, nurses opted for quick bio breaks nearby their work station instead of taking more restorative breaks.**

*King, C. “What is Hospitality?” International Journal of Hospitality Management 14, no. 3–4 (1995): 219-234. Accessed September 22, 2023.

**Lorusso, L., Ossmann, M., Orozco, T., Lawson, L. On the Restorative Break: Understanding the Role of Break Room Design on Nurse Engagement and Satisfaction. Workplace Health & Safety. 2023; Online ahead of print. doi:10.1177/21650799231157087


Design considerations

Read on to learn how you can develop intentional staff lounges with hospitality in your facility.


Locate staff lounges near patient care areas.

Create safe spaces for staff to come together and speak openly.

Add a variety of spaces within the lounge where staff can find moments of respite or restoration.

Intellectual welcome

Give staff spaces to eat and talk as a community or relax during alone time.

Vary seating options to signal community or privacy.

Have ample power convenient and available for staff.

Design for inclusion and access with column base tables for wheelchair seating.

Open table

Create spaces that encourage human interaction and relationship building.

Allow staff to socialize and collaborate with multiple styles of seating and tables.

Traditionally, shared learning of different cultures was a key to the hospitality experience. Design for sharing a meal or beverage.

Products for staff areas

Treat staff well so they can deliver quality care to patients. Design staff lounges to be safe spaces where they can rest, get nourishment, and connect with colleagues for support and fellowship.

A NaughtOne Rhyme Modular Seating unit made of blue and gray pieces, viewed at an angle.

Rhyme Modular Seating by NaughtOne

Transform staff lounges with striking modular seating. Rhyme is an upholstered seating system with a trapezoidal footprint for easy planning.

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Pullman Chair by NaughtOne

Provides a comfortable, private space for one to work or relax. Features a tablet arm worksurface and a wraparound acoustic panel.

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Revolver Stool by HAY

A slim, slightly dished seat with comfortably curved edges is offset by straight, angled legs and a weighty base for total stability.

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Ruby Side Chair by NaughtOne

With a 100-percent recyclable molded plastic shell, Ruby’s versatility, cleanability, and supportive seat make it ideal for healthcare spaces.

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Mora casework in an ash finish and a white solid surface top and sink.

Mora System by Herman Miller

Mora’s versatile kit of parts creates dedicated kitchen spaces for staff lounges—efficient in design and convenient for everyone.

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