The workplace redefined

Informed by our Design with Impact approach to spaces, these settings illustrate strategies to support wellbeing, connection, and change—all brought to life in a vibrant way like only products from our collective of brands can.

A collage of different spaces - including an interior office, exterior walkway, and a private study space - that represent community, group, and individual settings
Levels of interaction

The space to build relationships

The workplace remains important, but its role has changed. Instead of the only place for all work to happen, the workplace has become the best place for relationship-based work. Design with Impact settings support people at every level.

  • A brightly lit community space featuring three persons utilizing a variety of colorful seating options


    The most important relationship at the community level is between people and the overarching purpose of their organization. Community spaces create touchpoints where members of different groups can come together around a shared purpose.

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  • A group setting featuring two people sitting on a blue corner bench while participating in a virtual meeting


    Across any organization, groups interact with each other differently. Some teams are more formal, some are more casual. Some work collaboratively, some require individual focus. Group spaces support them all, so any team can find its fit.

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  • An individual setting featuring two people working separately in private spaces


    What one person needs to find respite or focus can look quite different from what the next person needs. Individual spaces pull together the right furnishings to support wellbeing for individuals working alone or in proximity to others.

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