Group settings

Explore how the workplace can help strengthen teams by supporting team members, whether they’re collaborating or working independently in proximity to one another.


These tailored group settings—often owned by a team—offer a variety of work points. This enables team members to cycle freely and intuitively between individual and group activities, all without leaving the neighborhood.

Two individuals in a "neighborhood" group setting furnished with Herman Miller, Knoll, NaughtOne, and Muuto products

Featured products

Herman Miller Passport and Knoll k. stand Height-Adjustable Tables outfit flexible work points.

NaughtOne Rhyme and Muuto Oslo Lounge boost impromptu interaction. 

Herman Miller OE1 and Knoll Rockwell Unscripted Tall Tables offer flexibility.

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Strategies behind this setting

Yellow task chairs placed around a round white table in front of a Herman Miller OE1 dry-erase board and large windows overlooking a city

For Wellbeing

By enabling choice through adaptable furnishings, a range of work points, and adjustable tools, this setting meets new expectations for flexibility. The variety of options are easy to read, offering different opportunities for interaction.

A communal seating area furnished with yellow Muuto Oslo Lounge chairs, a white NaughtOne Rhyme couch, and a coffee table designed to facilitate collaboration

For Connection

Because this space is owned by a group or team, it’s designed to facilitate collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and problem-solving. Circulation routes offer niches and other stopping points for quick, spontaneous exchanges of ideas.

Blue counter-height chairs surrounding a Rockwell Unscripted Tall table used to facilitate flexibility and change in a group setting

For Change

Help teams adapt to change by giving them the ability to reconfigure space to reduce disruption and improve resiliency. Ownership of a team neighborhood gives permission to group members to adapt the space to best meet their needs.

Conference room

These highly structured group settings offer a consistent experience for information-sharing—often in-person, but also supportive of remote participants—in a controlled environment that's free of distractions.

Two individuals having a virtual meeting in a group conference room furnished with Geiger Tuxedo Component Lounge seating, a black and white Herman Miller Headway Conference table, and a Knoll Reff Profiles Credenza

Featured products

Geiger Tuxedo Component Lounge offers more flexibility than conference chairs.

Herman Miller Headway Conference Table eliminates hierarchical seating arrangements.

The Knoll Reff Profiles Credenza provides access to refreshments.

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Strategies behind this setting

A blue Geiger Tuxedo Component Lounge behind a black and white table designed to accomodate the wellbeing of a wide range of people

For Wellbeing

The design of this setting considers the comfort, health, and safety of everyone who will use it. Seating options and ample circulation space ensure that it can accommodate a wide range of people—including those who use assistive devices.

A seating area furnished with a black and white Herman Miller Headway conference table and blue Geiger Tuxedo Component Lounge in front of a window

For Connection

When people can gather together in the same space, they’re able to build trust, community, and knowledge through shared experiences. It supports business conversation and presentations for both in-person and remote participants.

A light brown Knoll Reff Profiles Credenza next to potted plants

For Change

Teams adapt more easily to change when members can reconfigure space to meet their needs. This helps reduce disruption and build resiliency. Conference rooms offer a controlled environment and a predictably reliable experience.

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