Individual settings

Explore how a workplace designed with consideration for the wellbeing of each individual can help people relax, contemplate their next steps, and focus without distraction.

Study hall

People have different needs for focus and concentration. This large setting serves individuals who crave an “alone together” experience where they can engage in deep, productive work while staying connected to their broader organization.

A large, brightly lit "study hall" setting with large windows, white brick walls, NaughtOne Pullman Chairs, a Muuto Linear System Series and Mounted Lamps, and Herman Miller Asari Chairs

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NaughtOne Pullman Chairs provide a sense of privacy as well as comfort.

Muuto Linear System Series offers a communal, heads-down workspace.

Muuto Linear Mounted Lamps and Asari Chairs by Herman Miller support a range of user control.

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Strategies behind this setting

An individual sitting in a burnt-orange NaughtOne Pullman chair next to potted plants designed to cultivate an area of focus and wellbeing

For Wellbeing

Individuals can find relief from the sensory signals that can feel overwhelming in other environments. The choice of solo work points—with access to natural light and scenic views—cultivates a state of mind conducive to individual work.

Two people working independently at a long, wooden table while sitting in black Herman Miller Asari Chairs

For Connection

People who use this space are drawn to it because they want to feel connected with one another. It is not necessarily owned by a group or team, but it satisfies individuals’ desire to be together even while working independently.

The Muuto Linear System Series being used in an individual setting designed to give people control over their environment

For Change

By giving people control over their environment, this setting helps them adapt to change. Choice and control over lighting, posture, and work tools supports a wide range of user preferences.

Respite space

These semi-private individual settings are designed to provide in-the-moment relief by encouraging quiet, restoring focus, and enhancing personal wellbeing.

An open, brightly lit space with brick walls and floor-to-ceiling windows featuring Knoll Rockwell Unscripted Creative Walls, Saarinen Side Tables, burnt-orange lounge chairs, and lighting from Design Within Reach

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Knoll Rockwell Unscripted Creative Wall defines space and adds accessible privacy within a larger office landscape.

Knoll Saarinen Side Tables provide a perfect spot to set down a beverage while they use this space to unplug.

Lighting from DWR lets people dial in the feel of the space.

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Strategies behind this setting

A semi-private individual respite space created using Knoll Rockwell Unscripted Creative Walls

For Wellbeing

Embrace how different people process sensory signals from our environment. This individual setting invites people to withdraw into a calming space and momentarily escape the stresses of work. 

A burnt-orange couch next to a black and white Knoll Saarinen side table in an individual respite space created using Knoll Rockwell Unscripted Creative Walls

For Connection

Taking time to pause, reflect, and not react emotionally helps people to filter out the “noise” of work. This setting is intentionally devoid of technology to encourage a restful experience for the mind as well as the body.

A burnt-orange lounge chair next to a black and white Knoll Saarinen side table in an individual respite space created using Knoll Rockwell Unscripted Creative Walls

For Change

Giving people control over their environment helps them adapt to change. People who use this setting can make small adjustments to the lighting, curtains, and more to enhance their individual comfort.

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